Blender Magazine October 2008

In the Studio

“Our Most Pop-y” The Killers Get A Synth-Disco Makeover By Madonna’s Producer

The Killers learned a thing or two about predictions after 2006, when singing Brandon Flowers said their second album, Sam’s Town, would go down as one of the best of the past 20 years. This time, “there are no proclamations to make,” bassist Mark Stoermer says, “We’ll just put it out and see what happens.” Ideas for the new full-length started in the isolation and recovery that follows two straight years of nonstop touring and recording. “We were away from each other for four months, sending demos back and forth over the computer with Garage Band,” Stoermer says, “Nobody was stressed out.” Reunited in their own spankin’ new Las Vegas studio, he adds, “everyone’s in a better mood.” Contributing to the good vibes was producer Stuart Price, the Brit electro-disco king who remixed the Killers “Mr. Brightside” and reconnected Madonna with her groove for Confessions on a Dance Floor. “He clicks with us really well,” Stoermer says. Price gave the disco-tinged track tentatively called “Vibration” a “late-‘70s New York, Stones feel,” Stoermer says, and added futuristic noise to the straight-up rocker “Spaceman”-but stopped well short of a wall-of-sound approach. “There’s nothing extra,” Stoermer adds. “I thinks its our most pop-y album but at the same time our most experimental.”