The Killers Lighten Up, Mingle With Japanese Aliens

The Killers: “Read My Mind”
Director: Diane Martel
Do the Killers have a sense of humor? Their straight-faced arena rock suggests total seriousness, but some of their videos (the Eric Roberts melodrama “Mr. Brightside,” the screwball Tim Burton–directed skeleton-fest “Bones”) indicate the band may be capable of having fun now and then. Which leads us to “Read My Mind,” their most likable, off-the-cuff video to date. Shot in Japan, there’s a definite Lost in Translation, fish-out-of-water element. And the guys use it to comedic effect as they trade gestures with an Elvis impersonator, teach a pack of youngsters some discombobulated dance moves and help a green alien brush its teeth. Singer Brandon Flowers even smiles (on several occasions!)—so maybe he does know how ridiculous that Colonel Sanders facial hair looks

Four Stars