The Bravery Rip Off The Killers For Second Time. Is it Just An Honest Mistake?

Heather Adler

The Killers have been diverted from new-wave by their new-found love of campy facial hair and now The Bravery are also set to relinquish their synth-rock crowns when they release The Sun and the Moon early next year. The men in makeup broke onto the scene with last year’s self-titled debut, which dominated airwaves with the insanely catchy “An Honest Mistake,” but now the New York quintet is going back to organics and dropping the angular beats.

"We did it to death a little bit. We were a little sick of it. We went so synth-crazy that it got a little boring to us," frontman Sam Endicott tells Billboard. "It was more like, what does an acoustic piano sounds like or what are real organ sounds? That stuff was more exciting to us. There's still a lot of unusual sounds on the record, but they're created more by organic instruments."
In a move that will likely enrage Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, The Bravery are looking to more classic American for the new disc, just as The Killers did on the recently released Sam’s Town. Flowers has previously accused The Bravery of being successful only because they ripped off The Killers’ sound.

"It's like a weird mix between the [Rolling] Stones and the Ramones, but it doesn't really sound like either of them," Endicott describes of the track “Every Word is a Knife in My Ear,” set to appear on The Sun and the Moon. "At its heart, it's just a punk rock, fuck you song."

OK, we can see stealing The Killers’ sound once. But twice? That’s no honest mistake.