Family celebrity feud

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This just in: Kanye West makes Brandon Flowers (the lead singer of The Killers) "ill." Them are fightin' words. Check this out:

Asked if he was a fan of West, Flowers said, "He makes me ill. I wanted to love him so much when he first came out. He has this sweet voice, and there's a cuteness to it. And then you see him in interviews and he's like a lion. It just ruined the whole package for me."

Well there you have it: Brandon Flowers doesn't care about black people.

So what would happen if these two went at it Tupac/Biggie style? Well, I have it all covered in my Tale of the Tape, after the jump.


In this corner we have Brandon Flowers. A 24-year-old male who wears eyeliner and whose last name is FLOWERS. He grew up in Utah, he's married, and oh yeah... he's Mormon. In the past he's feuded with The Bravery, which is kind of like picking on the dorky kid in class that was never very threatening anyway. On the (Mr.) Brightside- his band name is The Killers, which is kind of tough.

And in this corner we have Kanye West, a 28-year-old rapper/producer who for years worked alongside Jay-Z and some of the biggest names in the biz. Kanye is rumored to be dating Pamela Anderson, he's feuded with 50 Cent, and once recorded a song with his jaw wired shut. With that said, he also collaborated with the Maroon 5 dude on his latest album, which is definitely something to be concerned about.

So, who are you taking? I'd write "Let's get ready to ruuuummmmmbbbllllleeeee" but I don't want to get sued. May the best entertainer win.