The Killers
Main Stage Saturday

Dave Keuning (guitarist with The Killers)

Are you looking forward to T in the Park?

"Yes. T in the Park is one of those things that, when the album was released, i foresaw it in the future as one of the high points of the album. We've done it two other times and it blew my mind both times, so i'm sure it will be great this time. Growing up in America and not being around any festivals, i had no idea that people could receive music in the way that we're received when we go and play festivals like T in the Park. Everybody just has a good time."

What makes T so speical for you a band playing?

"There are just people as far as the eye can see screaming the music back to you and there's not really a better feeling than that. T is one of the three best festivals in the world. It's an exceptional festival."

Are the Scottish audiences a reason you enjoy it so much?

"Yes, they're great audiences, no doubt about it. I don't know what it is but they know music and they appreicate it. They know how to have a good time too and the don't worry about what other people think, whereas in America people worry way too much."

What's your favourite T memory?

"In 2005, i had a great time watching New Order play. They played a couple of Joy Division songs and, as it turned out, that might have been my last chance to ever see them, so that was a pretty big moment. I remember i just felt elated during our set too."

How do festivals compare to playing a normal concert?

"They blow away an average concert. There's no comparison. Our average concerts are still a lot of fun and i look forward to them every night but a festival is like our best US show on steroids. It's what you dream of when you're a kid and you can picture bands playing in front of thousands of people and you think, how the hell did they get to that point? At festivals, you get an oppertunity to do that. That's what you dream of when you first pick up a guitar and dream about making it - to play in front of audiences like that."

How would you describe your live show to people who've never seen you?

"We're much better live than on our album. We give it a couple of extra jolts when we're playing live, and a couple more when we're playing at a festival. It's more raw and fun and loud and hopefully we feed off the audience's energy, and vice versa."

Who else are you looking forward to seeing over the weekend?

"Arcade Fire. They're one of a handful of fairly new bands that i'm interested in. I'd also like to see Snow Patrol, because they've put out four good records and they're good guys, and i'd like to see Lily Allen. I like her music and i think she's pretty! I've never met her but she looks like fun. We'll be there all day so hopefully we'll check out a few bands."

What would your fantasy T line up be?

"I'd have us playing, then U2 and then all the original members of Pink Floyd. It's a shame they can't get along all the time, but we don't get along lots of the time and we've been together five years. They've been going for about 30 so i understand."

Any backstage demands?

"We get everything we need, we don't ask for much. I wish we were more demanding and asked for green M&M's or something. Maybe i could ask for Jagermeister, i like that."

What will guarantee a great festival for you?

"Good weather. That's about it - and people who are in a good mood. You'd think it would be romantic playing in the rain but we did it once and it was a little wierd, and we kept getting shocks."

Any tips for T festival goers?

"Well you'll probably get dirty, so be prepared for that. Drink lots of water. Just be ready for a long day. I sometimes can't take watching four bands in a row, so walk around and do some other things too."