Exclusive Killers back down on death ballad
By Stuart Macdonald July 8,2006
ROCK stars The Killers have dropped a controversial song about murdered schoolgirl Jodi Jones from their new album.
The American band's lead singer Brandon Flowers, 25, wrote Where Is She? after watching a TV news report about the 14-yearold's murder while on tour in Scotland. But he was later forced to make a public apology to Jodi's family.
The singer caused outrage after describing Jodi's death in graphic detail during an interview with music mag NME last year.
Flowers, a Mormon, said: "This teenage kid asked his girlfriend to come to his house and he was waiting in the woods on the way to his house.
"It was dark and he just brought her in there and cut her up."
The track was written from the perspective of Jodi's mum Judy, addressing her killer Luke Mitchell.
The band showcased it at gigs last year and planned to include it on the follow-up to hit album Hot Fuss. But they yesterday confirmed they had not recorded the song for the album, due out in September.
A spokesman for The Killers said: "The band have decided they don't want to make any further comment about it."
But a source close to the group said: "They never intended to hurt anyone's feelings and Brandon was really upset when people reacted badly.
"They have also made a conscious decision not to play it at concerts in the UK, especially in Scotland."
Mitchell, 17, was sentenced to serve a minimum of 20 years for killing Jodi near her home in Dalkeith, Midothian.
Her mum Judy has never spoken of her feelings about the song.
But a source close to the family said last night: "The family have never liked it when people appear to be making mileage from the death of Jodi, because she would have disliked it."