The Killers guitarist Dave Keuning remembers the band's first show in El Paso all too well.

The show took place in July 2004 at the now-defunct T-Lounge on Texas Street just as The Killers were embarking on their quick rise to fame. Many of those lucky enough to be at the show remember it as a good show in a tiny venue.

"It was a great crowd, but it was put together in, like, a high-school gym, and it was really hot," Keuning recalled during a telephone interview from Belfast, Northern Ireland, where the band was performing last month. "We have good memories of El Paso the first time around, and we've been wanting to come back to that area ever since."

The band makes its triumphant return to the Sun City on Monday at the Abraham Chavez Theatre. That's a venue much more suited for a band like The Killers, said fan Valerie Muņoz of Central El Paso.

"We saw them when they played at the T-Lounge and really enjoyed them, even if they acted too cool for school playing at a small venue," Muņoz said. "I'm looking forward to seeing them again. They put on a good show, and now they're playing at the appropriate venue."

This summer, the band has been busy playing summer festivals in Europe, something Keuning said can be a better experience than playing theaters and arenas.

"I can't complain -- we have really good fans who come to our shows -- but festivals are usually a little bit better because of the atmosphere," Keuning said. At festivals, "people have planned camping out and getting drunk or high. Shows are sometimes better than festivals. Non-festival shows are a little more intimate because the people there are there just to see us."