The Killers-Die another day

source (Thanks to Edda)

How does it feel to sell 12 millions records?
Dave: Itīs strange and Iīm very proud of it. But 10 years back it would be more, these days nobody spend money for albums. So itīs possible that weīll never reach the 13 millions. Counting of sold units is becoming very difficult.

In a recent interview you hinted, that The Killers possibly wouldn’t do another album. Are you serious?
Sure, we search for alternatives and think about to release singles or EPs with 2 or 3 new songs over the internet in the future. The problem is that scarcely anybody listen to complete albums. Either you download individual songs from the start or you press “skip” on the CD-player. At least the guys that I know. If itīs going well you listen to the single and perhaps to another track and then you trash it into the corner. I mean, you have to imagine: The hard work of other people between the rubbish of Mc Donalds. That canīt be true!! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Wait a minute, Iīm still spending money for vinyls!
(smiling):Youīre the exception! Personally Iīm also listen to albums from start to finish, the master plan is important!

You really think the format “album” is a dying breed?
Well.. perhaps not completely, but you have to admit that the attention of the listeners dropped drastically. This fact would accommodate our plan to release prospective only 2-3 songs at a time. That could be even handled of people, which are overcharged with 10-12 tracks.

Wouldnīt that be artistically a frustrating regression, a backfall to the 50īs?
Sure, but thatīs the way. You canīt compel anybody to listen to every detail on every song. Perhaps itīs not such a bad thing, think of the Beatles. Even the B-sides were fabulous. To get 2 great new songs every few months, isnīt that bad.

Back to the 12 millions: bliss or curse?
Both! Itīs disburdening that we can be sure to have a solid fanbase behind us, which accepting us, loving our music and visiting our concerts. The awkward part: suddenly youīre forced to hold the level, after all you donīt want to alienate yourself and your fans! And of course the critics! Itīs always important for us to offer the quality.

Is there a risk to lose the contact to everyday life, and so the main inspiration?
As long as you delight in music, youīre inspired. You get started and it grow out of it. We never had a problem with writerīs block, if any of us got a problem, thereīre 3 further members to help him out.

Is music still passion or rather a job in the meantime?
A kind of both.On some days itīs like a job:dates on business, promotion. But when Iīm on stage, I canīt believe that I get paid to have fun.The gigs are the best anyway, they never feel like a job or routine. And the rest: at least we got the advantage to organize our progresses ourselves and arenīt caught in a nine-to-five structure.