GQ Magazine September,2006

The Secrets of my style Brandon Flowers of The Killers

suiting Up
I know most people put on a t-shirt and shorts and feel comfortable – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But for some reason, I like being pinned-up and confined in a suit. It makes me happy.

The Power of Dior
When we did our first video, for “Somebody Told Me,” they had clothes for us at the shoot. At first, you take offense. But there was a jacket that was one of Hedi’s (Slimane, creative director of Dior Homme) and I ended up wearing it and taking it from the shoot. I’ve kind of been a Dior fanatic ever since. For some reason, it just makes me feel regal – a rock ‘n’ roll prince, I guess.

My Scruff
I remember my dad always had a job where he had to shave every day. As soon as he would take a week off, he’d always make a comment about how happy he was he didn’t have to shave. I never understood it back then, but now I do.

Whisker Maintenance
My dad never used shaving cream so just Bic it, straight on the face with a cheap razor that comes 12 in a pack.

The Eyewear
The first time I put on eyeliner, I was 13 or 14. The Cure had Wild Mood Swings out, and my brother took me to Salt Lake City to see them. We stopped to pick up one of my sister’s friends on the way, and she was a huge fan, so she took me in the bathroom and slapped it on me. I mean, I don’t feel uncomfortable without it – it’s just fun to wear every now and then. It kind of becomes a Gypsy thing, though, when you do it with facial hair.

Tales From The Strip
I grew up in Henderson, outside Las Vegas, and I still live around there. And I still love The Strip. I used to work as a busboy at Spago. I still get a real big kick out of going to the Mirage and seeing the tigers. Plus, we now have a Dior Homme at the Wynn.

About Face
I wash my face with…my wife got it for me…What’s it called, hon? Philosophy. It’s really good stuff – I’ve been using it for, like, a year.

My Sport
I love golf, but I only get to play every now and then. My cousin, Craig Barlow, is on the PGA Tour and it’s fun to turn the TV on and see how he’s doing. My other favorite golfer is Jesper Parnevik. He’s a Swede, and he wears J. Lindeberg who designed my tux for my wedding.

I’m into patent leather. Burberry Prorsum is making these…They actually call them golf shoes, I think, they’ve got the big flap over the laces, and they come in brown and black. And I have these white and gray Louis Vuitton western wingtips. And cowboy boots. A man needs a good pair of cowboy boots.