Grammy Preview

Rollingstone magazine February 2006


The Killers

3 nominations-Best pop performance-best rock performance-best remixed recording

In 2005,the killers proved that they weren't going away.The Las Vegas band racked up two more hit singles-:Mr Brightside" and "all these things that ive'e done" which peaked at ten and seventy four on the billboard hot 100,respectively and its 2004 debut album,hot fuss,lingered in the top forty,making the quartet one of the few new young rock groups with true staying power. the killers were nominated for two grammys last year but did'nt win this year they have another chance.we caught up with Brandon Flowers at his home in Veags,where he's working on their second album.

Are you psyched to be nominated again this year?

It's something that you dream about,but Milli Vanilli go a it's hard to decide whether you're happy or not.

It feels like this year was a good year for rock.

One thing that's helping a lot is that the White Stripes and u2 are's not creed and Limp Bizkit anymore.

So how do you feel about being up against u2?

It's great.we love them,we do.but they won last year-it's our turn.

The Grammy's often pair people to perform onstasge.anyone you'd love to play with?

Bruce Springsteen is nominated this year,and he has become an idol of that would be wonderful.

What do you want to play with him?

Whatever he wants.

Who would be the coolest person to be seated next to?

The Edge.his aura is huge,and i'd like to be inside that bubble with him.

Did you guys fo to any Grammy parties last year?

My family mom and dad are sixty years old,and we went to the Universal party.I left,but they stayed and saw Billy Idol.

Kanye has ruled the grammy nominations the last two years.are you a fan?

He makes me ill. I wanted to love him so much when he first came out.He has this sweet voice,and there's a cuteness to it.and the you see him in interviews and he's like a just ruined the whole package for me.

What big songs from this year do you wish you had written?

"Gold Digger" how about that?i'll give Kanye a little love now.i wish we'd written "gold digger,."but without the actor.

You dont like Jamie Foxx?

I think he's confused about who he is

Why?because he's masquerading as a musician?

As Ray charles!There's too much of he's on a Ludacris song.He sing's "Georgia on my mind" on Ludacris's new single.They don't even use the real one!They gotta have Jamie Foxx!

So what would you say is the strangest place you've heard one of your nominated songs?

This man was walking by me in the Aladdin Casino in Veags.he had headphones on,and he was whistling the guitar line of "all these things that iv'e done."

Did he recongnize you?

No he had no idea.