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Graymatter-Graywhale Entertainment Magazine October 2006



Talk about your self-fulfilling prophecies.In 2004,unknown Vegas synthpop quartet the killers dropped a Duran Duran-nodding debut called Hot Fuss,then backed it up big time wiht hit after retro hit.supposedly,much balyhooed new effort Sam's Town eschews their british pop influences for heartland introspection,a la the boss.

The all-important second album-what were you out to do on Sam's Town?

Flowers: Just kind of no-holds barred,just throw it all away and do what comes naturally for us-to make a big(sound).It's fun and exciting:that's what rock'n' roll music should be.Ever since grunge,it kind of took things against that in a way,even though it's seen as such a positive movement.The Rolling stones were having fun-you know what i mean?It wasn't about limiting things,it was about encompassing things.And I think we're trying to do that and bring that back and have some fun along the way.

Because Hot Fuss was so successful,there are some expectations of what a Killers album should sound like.Is there a bit of a conflict with what the band's goals are?

Flowers:I think that is a big part of it,because people want what they wanted from the first album.But if you do it too much like the first album,they'll complain that it's exactly like the first album.And if you change too much..[laughs].you've got to find a middle ground.I think we pushed it a little bit:I thing we took a little bit of a step over the middle ground,towards the new direction.But we didn't lose the pop sensibility that we had,so I think that will keep us in people's hearts.

What led you to work with Flood and Alan Moulder on the album?

Flowers:We're big fans of what they've done and their careers and the choices they've made.I was a little afraid of them at first:you think of Flood and Alan and the things that they've done and your kind of expecting black magic or something to be involved.But they're actually really lovable,and all six of us in a room is wonderful.Everyone gets along great.

What's with the new look and all the facial hair in the band now?

Flowers:I think we're always going to dress up;I think that's the Las Vegas in our blood.But the [look] is a little bit more of where we're from: it's the wild west,y'know,and I feel a lot more comfortable and like my self now a lot more than I did on the first album.And I remember how my dad,when he would have a few days off or the weekend or whatever,he would say "I don't have to shave" cause he didn't have to go to I'm taking advantage of not having to work a normal job [laughs]

Gary Graff