As you’ve read in Tiffany’s entry, this is simply a recollection of events that happened on that fun-filled day/night.  THIS IS NOT AN ALBUM REVIEW!!  I apologize if I mislead anyone.  Tiffany and I have other priorities…this is a hobby, so it took some time to write down and share our memories with you.  As for the album review, that wasn’t my priority that night…besides, put yourself in our shoes for the night:  a) Sit down in the corner and listen to the album…or b) party and hang out with The Killers?  Hmmm….that’s what I thought!  Everyone, thanks for waiting patiently. 

I arrive at Hollywood & Highland Studio at around 2:30pm and wait in the hot sun, anxious to meet Tiffany (we have never met and only spoken and emailed each other).  She arrives around 3:15pm and I give her a big hug.  As we’re waiting for The Killers to arrive they start drawing for 5 people to attend the listening party (I have #421).  They call the 1st winner (congrats Brandee).  Stryker (KROQ DJ) starts calling the 2nd number …4 – cool – 2 – yes!  Stryker asks “Who has 4-2 so far?” I raise my hand.  “Am I gonna win?”  Moments later Stryker says, “Oops…sorry…it’s 4-3 not 4-2.” Damn!  Oh well…

He then starts to call the 3rd number…4…2…1!!   YEAHHH!!!!  I won!  After contest formalities, I go back with Tiffany and tell her, “You know you’re going with me right?”  “One problem, I don’t have my ID”, she replies.  “I’m sure they’ll let you in”, I tell her.  I call my girlfriend, Angela, just in case. She understands that she might not get in if Tiffany gets in.  She tells me, “I have a 50-50 chance, I don’t care.” (God I love that woman) 

            It’s 7:00pm and we walk over to the Roosevelt Hotel.  The three of us walk in excited and hoping for the best.  Somehow all three of us get into the party! (I guess I am the luckiest guy on the planet).  After spending what seemed like an eternity in the elevator, we finally arrive at our destination – the Penthouse Suite of the Roosevelt Hotel.  The first thing I notice is the table that has the CD singles on it (congrats to whoever wins the signed one).

            We make our way up to the 3rd level (which is the roof) and pretty much hang out there for the remainder of the party.  We meet other KROQ winners and hang out with them.  Moments later the album, Sam’s Town, starts.  I raise my beer in the air to the girls.  I give a big smile and we toast…the party has begun.

            We’re all chatting and listening to the album when all of a sudden Brandon comes upstairs (We’re all standing by the door).  I see him first (I’m facing the door) and motion to the girls and say, “Hey look, it’s Brandon.”  As they look, he’s doing his lil dance (I call it the marching boy dance).  They all look and turn back with this face…you know the face I’m talking about. (OH MY GOD…It’s Brandon!)

Brandon hangs out and starts talking with someone about 5 yards behind me.  I go to get another drink at the OPEN BAR.  As I’m returning to the group, I notice that Brandon is finishing up his conversation with that guy.  The guy walks away and I approach Brandon and shake his hand…the conversation begins…

S:         “Hey Brandon, Steven. (I doubt he remembers meeting me at the Vegas show last year)

B:         “How’s it going?”

S:         “Congratulations on the new album.”

B:         “Thanks…how do you like it so far?”

S:         “I like what I’m hearing.”

B:         “Good…I’m glad.”

S:         “So the album cover…explain it to me.”

B:         “Well the ram symbolizes Nevada (it’s the state’s animal).”

S:         “Oh OK cool.”  I don’t remember what he said about the woman.

            “So what about the trailer?”

B:         “I don’t know…ask the photographer!!”  He started laughing.


            We then go on to talk about our families.  How we are both the youngest of our siblings and were brought up listening to 80’s music.  I ask him if he’s ever visited TKF and introduce him to Tiffany.  I finish up with Brandon and return to the group.

            I then see Ronnie in the corner talking with others.  As he turns my way I raise my beer towards him.  He raises his drink back and smiles.  I later walk up to him and congratulate him.  He tells me “thanks” and to listen to the next track, “it’s good.”  It turns out to be one of my favorites (For Reasons Unknown).  I had noticed that he looked very tired and didn’t want to bother him so I returned to the group.

            A couple of minutes later Dave comes outside.  I call Dave, shake hands and tell him “Congrats”.  He joins our group and talks with us for about 30 minutes.  He asks us how we like the album so far (somewhere in the midst of our long conversation with Dave the power went out).  First off, Tiffany and I start drilling him about songs that didn’t make the album.  We asked, “Why not simply put them all on?”  He said, “You want to make the album short and sweet…not have it drag on.”  He said that “Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf” and “Where the White Boys Dance” will definitely be B-sides.  We ask him where/when do they plan on touring.  I don’t remember exactly so I don’t want to misinform anyone.

I could go on and on but most from here on out Tiffany has already mentioned.  So after hanging out with Dave, here are the memories that stick out:

·        Hanging out with Tana (Brandon’s wife) the majority of the night.  She is totally cool.  Tana you ROCK.  For the record, she is not in any of The Killers’ music videos.

·        Singing the prechorus to “When You Were Young” with Brandon, “He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus…”

·        My girlfriend smoking cigarettes with Brandon.

·        Buying Dave a drink at the pool party.

Dave: “Doesn’t look like a mojito…sure tastes like one though!”

·        Tana called Brandon over so I could ask him one last question:

“How was it like to sing with U2?”  He was speechless at first and then told me about the time he bought a scalped ticket and saw them.  It turned out to be a general admission ticket.  “It was awesome!”

            I couldn’t have said it better myself Brandon.  The Listening Party…


Steven Sanchez