The Killers "When You Were Young" [first single from the forthcoming Island Records LP, Sam's Town]

No MP3 blogger or message-board poster has failed to point out the influence of Bruce Springsteen on the awesome first single from the Killers' sophomore release, but few have noted the song's other forebearsóColdplay, the Pixies, the Arcade Fire...hell, even Bryan Adams and Meat Loaf come to mind. So, as you might have guessed, "When You Were Young" is an anthem, but it's not just another anthem: Every single sweeping note of the song seems designed to induce fist-pumping, heart-racing, hang-gliding-over-the-Grand-Canyon-type excitement. Cloaked in this chorus-chorus-chorus structure are Brandon Flowers' lyrics of seething Mormon confusion, but even if the message passes you by, you can't help but get snagged on the hooks. It's as if the studio in which the song was recorded had a "bombast" knob next to the volume: This one goes to 11.