The Killers have seen the light

Brandon Flowers and his crew are officially Big now

Thank you to **miss_brightside**  for the translation

Not so long ago The Killersí music was swept aside as eighties imitation from Las Vegas, but this has changed since their second album Samís Town. There is more rock, emotion and storytelling. It was interesting to see how the songs would do live. Today on Lowlands the gentlemen have proven to be a really Big Band.


The Killers stormed the charts with Somebody Told Me in 2004. Funny song, no worries-melody, cool video and a small hype was born. The single Mr Brightside also appeared here and there in remixes at hip parties. The Killers could do two things after their debut album Hot Fuss: get sucked in with the electronics and try some tricks with danceable rock, or try another direction. Although The Killers still write pop songs it has become the other direction. Samís Town is much deeper and more bombastic. And Flowers is no longer a polished fashion doll, but a singer of flesh and blood and beard Ė or is the latter again very fashionable?


Itís like we are witness of a crazy sect in the Las Vegasí desert that sells a strange sort of entertainment. The tent makes the Carnivale-feeling complete. Small Christmas lights with flowers flicker on the amplifiers while Flowers in a glitter suit behind a shrine with a keyboard gasps for breath. A balanced choice between material from Hot Fuss and Samís Town is professionally delivered, with a breathtaking finish of All These Things That Iíve Done as a punch in the face. Earlier you could catch the band with some sloppy jetlag-live sets with instruments that were out of tune and a slurring rhythm section, but those days are history. Afterwards backstage a beaming Flowers with a towel around his neck.


I canít think of anything negative to say about this show. The crowd-pleasing was dosed correctly, the rock clichťs not overly present, the songs perfectly played, what else do you want? You hope that this Big Band doesnít become too Big so that they will start playing on routine and in a while will only be able to play in big arenas.


Comparisons to The Cure, U2 (and recently even to Meatloaf and Bruce Springsteen) are silenced in the Alpha. These are The Killers, and nothing less.