Musikexpress October 2008 -Thanks to Edda and ManOfTomorrow at the Official Board

+++ They love bratwurst and are a bit insecure. And for their new album, The Killers duped themselves +++

Before the interview, the last instructions from the record label: Don't ask too detailed about the album title or the tracklist! One week ago, interviews were quit rapidly because of that - The Killers are actually no difficult respondents but a bit insecure sometimes. Brandon Flowers enters the old library, where the photo shooting takes place, hesitantly. He abated, the 'stache disappeared. He looks good in this weird jacket with feathers on the epaulettes. "That's the outfit for the new record", he mumbles, you inevitably think of Queen.

Dave Keuning, the guitarist, enters and looks like Brian May. He wants to do the interview elsewhere - determined, he looks for the smallest corner in this hotel and clarifies: The Queen association is not intended. "But Queen is one of my top 5 bands, one of the first rock influences ever. There is one mutuality between both of us: They were not afraid of giving different styles a try. And I think that we are neither."

99% of the new album are finished, says Keuning. The album was recorded with Stuart Price (who produced 2 songs on 'Sawdust'). That took five weeks but the actual work was already done: In 'pre-production sessions' (three weeks each), the band recorded demos - convinced to record it cleanly later. That's how The Killers duped themselves, rocked unforcedly, explains Dave, because in the 18 songs which were recorded, you find notable traces of the first, light-hearted and abrasive demo sessions. "The music is more 'Hot Fuss' than 'Sam's Town' but we have become older and more mature - and you can hear that. You hear more rock and dance. And something we have never done before: Ireland rock."

Ireland rock? What is that? The guitarist lifts his hands and grins but doesn't say something more detailed. "Patience. You are going to hear it early enough. Ehm, where are we here, actually?"

We are in Weimar, The Killers are going to play this evening on the Highfield festival, yesterday they were at the Pukkelpop in Belgium, tomorrow is the Frequency festival in Austria. Keuning doesn't know Weimar, he doesn't know Goethe or 'Faust'. But: "I ate a bratwurst a little while ago. I always try to get a bratwurst when I am in Germany." Ah, alright. But we have one last question. Why aren't we allowed to ask for the album title? "I don't know. It's already on the Internet, right? We are likely going to call the record 'Day And Age'. It's still possible that we rethink our decision but you can write: The new record by The Killers is expected to be called 'Day And Age'."