Q&A: Brandon Flowers

Oct. 16, 2006 issue 


The multiplatinum Killers just released a new CD, "Sam's Town." Lead singer Brandon Flowers talked to Jac Chebatoris.

Your last record, "Hot Fuss," sold millions. Are you feeling any pressure?
I think that gave us a lot of confidence, so we're coming out guns blazing.

What's with your new Freddie Mercury-in-a-spaghetti-Western look?
We've embraced our Western roots! That's what the album is about and we thought we might as well go with it. Maybe I'm going to be reincarnated as [the outlaw] Josey Wales.

Does [drummer] Ronnie Vannucci know he looks just like Jason Lee in "My Name Is Earl"?
People who are actually friends with Jason Lee have stopped and talked to Ronnie and did not know it wasn't Jason.

You're a rock star and a Mormon.
Yeah. It's difficult sometimes. I think growing up in Las Vegas was a good primer for it.

Your newfound love of Springsteen's music's been overhyped.
I feel kind of bad that his name has been attached to us, because what if he doesn't like it? All I did was tell a journalist that's what I was listening to. The album doesn't sound like "Born to Run." People get brainwashed into thinking that's what it sounds like because of what they've read.

You were in a sketch on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last week. Do you have aspirations to act?
I would do, like, a musical.

"The Sound of Music." Maybe I can be the Captain. The salt and pepper is coming.

You have grays?
Oh, I have hundreds.

Are you going to get Clairol?
No, I'm just going to let it happen. I'm a natural man.