Las Vegas band see Noel Gallagher's softer side.

The Killers are never ones to hold back - and they wasted no time in telling MTV how much they admire Noel Gallagher.

The experienced Oasis front man helped sooth their nerves when it came to writing their second album Sam's Town.

"I saw Noel a few months before we started the album," lead singer Brandon Flowers told MTV. "He had the same mentality about our band as he had for his own - just go and make the album."

The Las Vegas dudes and Oasis, whom they supported on tour last year, clearly bonded. In particular with Noel - who has the reputation for being a little bit on the grumpy side.

"He gets a bad rap,' said Killer guitarist David Keuning.

"He likes our band, but we've hung out after one of our shows and he was a real regular dude," added Brandon.
He's funny, real funny. He's a happy guy."

They also let slip that they weren't sure how the Arctic Monkeys would fare in America, "Because they talk about pubs and all that s**t."

That's nice to know.

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