Brandon flowers-I'm offended by Green Day

NME Magazine (3-3-07 issue) (I found the scans on some random site if you scanned it Thank you!)



Politics,Mormonism,emo and facial hair-The Killers'frontman reveals to NME why he isn't and 'American idiot'

"we've never really talked to other bands.I'm in the killers gang that's the way it's always been-but we just got back from the big day out in Australia and we broke down some walls.It was good this year.Jet,the vines,kasabian,Muse and My chemical romance.We're a bunch of gangs and sometimes it's difficult but we really made friends with the vines and had dinner with Jet and Muse.It was great to get to know some of these people because you realise that you're all very similar.We all have one goal.and that's just to make music that we like.It's all positive and we learned a lot from that.I think it really helped us.we felt like we melted some wax.

I'm actually quite a pleasent and optimistic person,but that hasn't been coming across much recently.I often look like i'm having a go at bands,but when people ask me my opinion I don't want to put a muzzle on myself.I do think that bands aren't as good as they once were,including ourselves.It's no secret that i do believe we're one of the best bands around.but that doesn't mean that I think we're as good as Led Zeppelin or The Beatles.I don't know what's wrong with music.but nobody's as good these days.And I don't think that it's a nostalgic thing-it's just,if you put our best song up against The Beatles'best song toe-to-toe,we would lose.I'm not saying it's impossible to be better than the beatles or the rolling stones-they were just humans-it's just not happening at the moment.We're always trying to better ourselves and we're trying to bring that quality back.We can do it.

The drummer from The Kaiser cheifs,Nick Hodgson,said my band would fall apart because we wanted to be the next U2 too much,but that's rubbish.He was asked who would be the next U2 and he said it wouldnt be The Killers because we wanted it too much.That doesnt make any sense though.because all of the bands that have really done well have wanted it just as much as we want it.Things don't fall into your lap,it's about a hunger and a desire and,of course,we do have's gonna be difficult for Kaiser cheifs in America because it's always very difficult for people to make it out there-that's how it is.I wouldnt be too disappointed if we're not a U2 size band,but I wanna be in The Killers not in a B-list band.I've got a strong competition strek-it's just in my blood,and that will never go away.

If Green Day are so  punk rock,why don't they play in front of the white house?I was personally offended by The Green Day DVD(bullet in a bible live at Milton Keynes).why record it in England?why not in Washington DC?I'm not trying to pick a bone with anybody.but I was offended by seeing a bunch of english kids screaming "I don't want to be an American idiot",I don't really want to get involved in politics: it's not really my place.I feel like I don't know enough about whats going on.I don't think a lot of people know enough.It's our human right to be upset with war-nobody wants war but there is a lot of the other side that we really don't know.But it's exciting to think that we could have a black president.It's exctiting to think we could have a woman president.It's a step in a great direction.

I still think Americans are the best people in the world.Europeans are supposed to be so open minded and liberal.but i flew over here and listened to these British people complain about Americans for two hours,I guess they assumed I was english as I was sitting right next to them.but I didn't say anything.People should realise that we all bleed red if you cut us open.In my experience Americans are the most welcoming and warm people in the world.regardless of how may books they read or whatever specific qualities it is that people put on a pedastal.I love them,they're my people.I started to fall back in love with America as soon as i left and it had nothing to do with Bruce Springsteen.There's a Tom Waits lyric,'I never saw my hometown until i stayed away too long'-that goes for anybody.

People don't know much about mormonism in England,but it's actually one of the fastest growing religions in the world.I would never use my band to push my religion on anybody.but i'm definetly a believer.People take a stab at mormonism all the time.but i guess that's because they don't know anything about it-it's a fairly new religion.My beliefs do come across in my lyrics,but it's not necessarilly about mormonism.England is typically a secular and people who are religious are almost seen as stupid,or as if they are looking for heaven as a substitute for their pahtetic lives.that is part of the reason that America's looked down upon-the fact that we're religion orientated.

We share a lot with my chemical's funny,if you look at very different bands they often have the same influences.The bands that my chemical romance or kasabian or the strokes list as their influences are similar to ours.I guess we all come together on David Bowie and things like that.There are threads weaving us together but we're all very different bands.It astonishes me,but it's really cool that can happen.'The black parade'shows tht my chemical romance have a real gift with melody and they're doing their own thing.they were all on the big day out with us.and i had emailed Gerard Way before we'd never that was nice.

I don't know a lot about the emo gere,but i'm not a fan.I haven't heard the new fall out boy album,but my understanding is that emo started out as a very different thing and these days,the well known bands are sort of the new watered down versions of what was when it started.I think it started out as a heavier thing now it's become this watered down thing where they've got rid of the screams and matchbox20'd it out.I just never liked any of it really.I'm not a fan,forgive me.I'm not on some sort of mission to destroy it.

If I could give anybody an NME award it would be Jonathan Ross.He's just my favourite man.I love him and there's a special place in my heart for him.I don't know what the award would be british chat show host doesnt do him justice.for us it's great to be in the situation we're in,where people want to give us awards.At the shockwaves NME Awards two years ago we won best international band this year we want best album.

I might shave off my moustache and we might go disco.But I don't know yet what's going to happen for the next album.We've got two singles left on 'Sam's Town' We want to get better and grow and see what happens.We learned a lot from doing that Christmas song 'A great big sled'We recorded it in one day and it sounds almost as good as anything on sams town we learned a big lesson there write a song and just go in and do it.Do 20 of them and you've got an album with now we're gonna write songs on the road and maybe try to get them done quickly."