NME April 30,2008-Thanks to OrangeBlossom for the scans and typing it up!


"Welcome to the NME Awards USA 2008. We couldn't make the ceremony in London in February so we had Mike Tyson help us out with our video acceptance speech, but it's great the NME Awards are in the US now - and it's just a stone's throw away from Vegas! It's very handy. My home in the Mojave desert isn't far so Dave drove us both, but Mark missed two flights and didn't make it. We made it into a fun road-trip and Dave had all the tunes on his mixtape - Hall & Oates, "The Wall", Tom Petty and Erasure! It's a beautiful journey, everyone needs to make that journey.

We need the NME awards over here. We need a lot of things right now. We need better bands. I want to be better. Nothing is exciting, there's no fantasy about rock 'n' roll. I'm not saying I'm the sorcerer, but it's good to get excited about bands and a ceremony like this helps. We've been to a few in the UK; the first year we were up on the balcony looking down on people like The Libertines and the second year I met New Order and Liam Gallagher for the first time. That was a big night for me, two of my heroes. The NME Awards are definitely better than the other US awards shows, you've really got it down!

We haven't told Lous yet that "Tranquilize! won Best Track. Dave is going to ring him, he'll be made up. Har Mar Superstar asked me if we will go out and kill someone to celebrate - maybe. We're getting good at hiding the bodies.

Thanks to there being two NME Awards shows I've not got a whole flock of birds (middle fingers). We've got about six of these things now. It's good. I've been warning people about us here for the last five years, we're good! It's also my first big night out since I shaved my moustache and I'm feeling good. I feel like I'm starting over"