NME April,5,2006


Does this coat hold the secrets to The Killers Second Album?

The Killers made a rare excursion from recording their second album at their Las Vegas studio on March 25 to play an Americal festival,The band played the Ultra Music festival in Miami's biocentennial park,and even though they didn't reveal any new songs,the performance did offer telling clues to the nature of their next record,

Having previously claimed that the band were working on a "more American"albumand had been listening to Bruce Springsteen's Thunder Road frontman Brandon Flowers showed his love for the boss at the gig.Out went the salmon-pink Dior Jacket and the glitter,and in came a gruff beard,hippy beads and a velvet trenchcoat.

It's a look straight out of Spingsteen's back pages suggesting a more folksy approach,while a recent studio message from the band was biblical in tone,mentioning "chariots,church and cherubim" hinting that rather than murder trilogies we'll be getting passion plays.

However,the band haven't become total hippies,with Flowers previously explaining the new material would make listeners "feel dirty".with songs leave the bourbon on the shelf,higher and higher,and where the white boys dance all under consideration,who knows what will happen between now and the LP's September due date?