NME Magazine March 5,2008

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Q1: NME: You’d better have a good excuse for not being here! BF: Ithink I’ve got a pretty good excuse in that I’m helping my wife to raise a little human. We’ve got a little boy. Actually, he’s in the 90-per centile height range for his age! Also we toured “Sam’s Town” for 14 months and we need time off to get ready for the next one. You wouldn’t wanna mess with the thunder.

Q2: NME: Is your award for Best International Band well-deserves? I’m baised but I do think it’s well deserved yeah. I assumed that Arcade Fire would get this award, but we’ve sold more records than them so mathematically I guess it adds up.

Q3: What’s been your most triumphant moment of the last 12 months? I think it was T in the Park, no question.It was the gig for us this year. Sometimes the star’s align and you can do no wrong. It was just a magical night, it really was.

Q3: What’s the story behind your acceptance speech video with Mike Tyson? Well, Mike Tyson isn’t from Las Vegas, but I’ve always associated him with it because a lot of his fights were here.

Q4: Why did you choose to work with him, knowing his past convictions? Well, we were a little nervous about all that because you have an idea of what he might be like. He has this “Iron Mike” persona and he’s quite controversial but he was actually really nice and very funny.

Q5: most bands don’t usually make that much of an effort. We were trying to recreate that meeting between Muhammad Ali and The Beatles for the new generation. It’s a little bit more warped but we’re trying to carry the torch!