The Truth About The Killersí Cancelled US Shows

the Q Daily

Brandon Flowers' doctor speaks.

The Killersí frontman Brandon Flowers walked offstage during a concert at Red Rocks, Denver - and then cancelled the band's next two shows - after complaining of a throat infection. The Killers have had to rescheduled gigs in Denver, Seattle and Los Angelesí KROQ Weenie Roast in September.
The trouble started during The Killer's 17 May performance at Red Rocks when Flowers abruptly left the stage after just three songs. The band followed shortly afterward. Ten minutes later, drummer Ronnie Vanucci returned to tell the 9,500 capacity crowd: "We're coming back to make this up tenfold for you."
The band later issued a statement that Flowers was suffering from bronchitis. The Killers tour doctor Dr Buzz Rentman told Q: "He's been singing in hot climates. We came here and it suddenly got cold. His voice just closed down. There was no way to predict it."
Websites speculated whether Flowers was the suffering from Epstein Barr virus, a member of the herpes family of human viruses that causes infectious mononucleosis. Symptoms include fever, sore throat, and swollen lymph glands.
"I get sick a lot," Flowers said in an interview earlier this year. "I have what's called Epstein-Barr. It's like a disease, but it's not. I have a real weak immune system. If somebody sneezes, it's over. I get it. It makes me real weak sometimes, too,"
When Q met with Flowers before the Denver show the singer was in desultory mood, complaining of tiredness. He also grumbled about the largely negative US reaction to The Killers recent album, Sam's Town.
"The album has been ripped to shreds so much in America, " he said. "I said I was into Bruce Springsteen and now people think we are trying to be Bruce Springsteen. This fucking pisses people off! I don't why. In America, people are upset about it. I just want to make the next album and not mention what is in my CD player."
He also expressed admiration for musicís second biggest Bruce Springsteen fans: Arcade Fire.
"I think the Arcade Fire's second album [Neon Bible} said everything I wanted to.
They put me down. They said it. I lack the vocabulary."
Flowers also reacted to the news that openly gay singer Rufus Wainwright had sung that he "tasted of potato chips in the morning" in a song from his new album Release The Stars.
"That is a fantasy," laughed Flowers. "I am honoured I guess. My wife would know more about that than Rufus." - Andrew Pemberton