The Killers

How guitarist Dave Keuning went from begging for change to wandering festivals in disguise (and wellies).

Q Magazine

Hey Dave,how the devil are you?

I'm good,thanks,I'm sitting around,not doing very much.We've just landed in Austria.We've had a few days off,so were just relaxing.

It's our round.What are you having?

Jagermeister.It really takes the edge off.

Are you looking forward to Glastonbury?

Oh yeah.we've been looking forward to it for a while now.It's one of the highlights of the album tour.We've played before,but we didnt want to make a big deal out of it.I remember playing last time and enjoying every second like it could be my last.There's such a good spirit at Glastonbury,even when it rains.people come in with a mindset that they're going to enjoy themselves whatever happens.

Do you get to wander around the festival?

In our first year we wandered around a lot and I loved the food.There's a lot of goofy stuff going on.But we can't walk around because we get stopped so much.Maybe we need a festival disguise...

Anything special planned for the show tonight?

Well,I don't want to give too much away but we've got some great outfits.There's going to be a couple of other surprises too,but generally we're going to hit Glastonbury with all the hits.

The Last time you travelled to Glastonbury on the tourbus,you were left behind at a petrol station.What happened?

well,we stopped for food.Everybody went to Burger King and I wanted pizza,which took a few minutes to cook,and I wanted to eat the pizza right there.When I was done I went to the car park and the bus had gone.It was also the one time I'd left my cellphone on the bus-all I had was a handfull of change but nobody was picking up the phone when I called them.And then I ran out of money.

What did you do?

I had to ask complete strangers for change,but nobody would give it to me.I remember being so frustrated and then I looked at a TV screen and Sky News were reporting how The Killers were playing Glastonbury that night.An hour later I got a bit of changfe from some school kids.They hadnt heard of us,but they were nice enough to give me the money.I finally managed to get in touch with the bus and they turned around.

What essentials do you bring to a festival?

Definitely can tip toe around a festival all you like,but there is now way mud will not fly up on your clothes.plan on getting muddy.

Seeing as Britain's favourite mod outfit are playing this weekend,what's your favourite song by the who?

I can't explain.There's something about that song that is undeniable.When it comes on you can't not move to it.The body forces you to dance.It's a magical song.