Rolling Stone September,7 2006 issue

The Killers Sam's Town out October 3rd

For Killers frontman Brandon Flowers,the key moment in recording his band's new album was when co-producer Alan Moulder-who has worked with Smashing Pumpkins and U2-made a cutting remark:"we're trying to make Peggy Sue into with or without you."he said as the band struggled to impart an epic feel to a simple song."i'd never been pushed like that before" says Flowers,who rewrote the tune into the standout"read my mind" The band ended up spending six months recording the album,which is full to bursting with orchestral flourishes,synthesizers that sound like Depeche Mode's stadium rock phase and choral,Queen like harmonies.Flowers has acknowledged Bruce Springsteen as an influence on the album it's most noticeable in the American laced lyrics on the first single,the "born to run"homage "when you were young" but drummer Ronnie Vannucci traces the album's bombastic bent to the band's fascination with another classic rock act,ELO."all these bands have one thing in common:they write huge anthemic hits,"vannucci says."thats the kind of band we are-or the kind of band we've become."


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Brandon Flowers

The AFI video was awesome.It'sso humongous.I'm watching it and I don't know much about AFI,but as soon as the banners of their faces drop ove the side of the building,I'm sold I love it!