Rolling Stone Magazine-In the studio section July 13-27,2006



The Killers go arena rock
title TBA
recorded Las Vegas, London
Due out September 19th

The Killers have been working on the follow up to their smash debut, hot fuss, since last spring with a clear mission:" bigger songs," according to frontman Brandon Flowers, inspired by the swelling stadium rock of Bruce Springsteen,U2 and Depeche mode, the las Vegas foursome teamed up with Alan Moulder and Flood (who produced U2's pop and Depeche mode violator) to create a sound that was less new wave and more arena-friendly: fewer keyboards and pop hooks, lots more guitar and chiming reverb." There are people who want us to write somebody told me again, and we just don't want that," says Flowers." There's always gonna be a place for fun songs, but then there are the songs that give people chills. I like those more." on the likely first single," when you were young." Flowers shifts his voice into Bono's sermonizing quaver" sometimes you close your eyes/and see the place where you used to live/when you were young." The multilayered "Sam's town" weaves together Bowie style glam, David Byrnish android vocals,accordian and kiddie piano,as flowers takes on his critics:" I'm sick of all my judges/so scared to let me shine." and Bling updated all these things that ive done with lush strings and computer blips.the sixteen tracks the band has laid down so far came fast and quick,but Flowers says he labored over the lyrics:" I have trouble getting my thoughts down. I want to be able to get a message across simply." he adds that he's been taking cues from old westerns to capture plain spoken songwriting voice," you get  so many band whose lyrics sound like a retard writing poetry." he says." the kind of stuff you write for English class when your eight."