People Magazine

November 27,2006

The Killers Sexiest Band


Gone are the skinny euro suits and eyeliner that made them stars.their latest CD Sam's Town,showcases a new American swagger.Here's what we love about the new,manly Killers.

The outlaw attire:"We got tired of having our pants pressed,"says drummer Ronnie Vannucci of their old look.

The Mustaches:"it's my tribute to Jim Croce,"says lead singer Brandon flowers.

Their Height:"we're the tallest band in the world!"says guitarist Dave Keuning,6'2.says bassist Mark Stoermer,6'5:"a lot of band are like 5'5."The other guys:Vannucci,6'2,Flowers 5'11."

And last but not least the tunes: "it's joyous,"says Flowers of the CD."Our songs are going to do the world good."