She's gonna be my girl


The reported feud between Chris Cester, from Jet, and Brit singer Lily Allen after a spat at the Gold Coast Big Day Out a couple of weeks ago appears to have fizzled out.

The two greeted each other with a hug at Melbourne's Big Day Out after-party at Cookie in Swanston St on Sunday night.

At the Gold Coast gig, Cester reportedly flicked a cigarette at Allen - accidentally - and she responded by throwing a bottle at the Melbourne rocker.

It was intercepted before hitting its target.

Big Day Out organisers were so worried fireworks would happen in Melbourne that they moved both artists' trailers away from each other.

But it was all smiles at the party.

"The boys from Jet hugged Lily, and there was no evidence of a feud," an Eye witness said.

US band the Killers, minus lead singer Brandon Flowers, had a huge night at Cookie, along with Jet, Eskimo Joe and Gersey.

Flowers has been a bit of a recluse on the tour.

He banned all photographers from taking pictures during their set on Sunday night.

Eye Saw

BRANDON Flowers spending a not-very-rock 'n' roll Saturday night watching Pan's Labyrinth at Nova cinema in Carlton.