Spin Magazine June 2006

We've Much to Prove

so says a bullish Brandon Flowers of the killers impending album

Understand that there are people out there who want us to fail,but i'm sorry this is what i've been put on earth to do"

Brandon Flowers,the killers dadyish frontman,is talking about his band's follow up to 2004's Hot Fuss,their five million selling debut.Those sales may have boosted his confidence a little,but not entirely:"Franz Ferdinands second album went away quickly in America,"he notes,"and watching that,for us, is scary."

Nevertheless,Flowers insists that the making of their forthcoming album,due out in September,is going well.Recorded in the band's native Las Vegas with Depech mode producer Flood and Alan Moulder,the new songs,Flowers has suggested,will draw more from American than english influences."

It'll be bigger than Hot Fuss,because we've still so much to prove.so far,we've made a scratch on the door.Now we want to make a dent." He immediately reconsiders and ammends the statement"we want to take the whole door off"