„The band is going through a very good phase now” - An interview with The Killers


You simply couldn’t have wished for a better closer: the Main Stage said goodbye to the audience with The Killers. Before the concert the band time for an interview, we talked to drummer Ronnie Vanucci.

How do you see the current situation of The Killers compared to 2004/2005?
Ronnie Vannucci: The band is more grown now, we have improved a lot. If Hot Fuss was the high school certificate, then Sam’s Town is the college dissertation. Fortunately we’re even more popular than two-three years ago, and of course we’re very happy about that. We have quite a good overlook at things, we keep everything under control more. For example we’re much more able to control business and that’s important too.

Two years ago I saw in Poland where you opened for U2. What memories do you have from that tour and do you agree with people who say that you’re following into their footsteps in terms of greatness?
R.V.: You were there, really? That was a memorable concert because Brandon suffered an electric shock in the rain, we weren’t 100 % really. But the tour with U2 was amazing, they were so cool and helpful. Whenever we needed something, one of them or someone from their crew always helped us. To answer the second part of your question, it would be great to get to the level of U2 but we’re still too young for that. We’ve only got two albums…

After the first record, the press called you the best British band from America. They stopped that after Sam’s Town that was heavily influenced by Bruce Springsteen. Was it a deliberate choice?
R.V.: Yeah but I don’t think it was heavily influenced by Bruce Springsteen. A lot of bands, things inspired us. It was just a media thing, someone invented it and everyone took it over. Journalists love categorizing.

When is the new album coming, have you started working on it?
R.V.: Actually yeah, we’ve been composing, rehearsing. The band is going through a very good phase now, we’re enthusiastic and despite the exhausting tour, we take time to work on new songs. For example we arrived here in Hungary three days ago and we used the time for practicing. What else could we do? It’s all going really well, but I really have no idea when we’ll release it. It would be great to continue the tradition of even numbers so it could come out in 2008.

Are you setting a new direction perhaps?
R.V.: I don’t know, we might, it’s not that clear yet. The other day we were rehearsing a new song and one of us said: „This sounds just like ELO!” And yeah, it did sound like the chorus of Mr. Blue Sky a bit. So I don’t know, perhaps we’ll have a little ELO influence. But if we think it’s not cool then we’ll change it. And we’ll incorporate something new that we’ll come up with. Reggae, ska… (laughs) Or death metal. We’ll be the Killers Of Death Metal.