Waiting for love

If it was up to me well i'd lash out freak out seen on me

I'd loose my sympathy If it was up to me,I'm calling you away and promise you i'll be ok

with everything that i've got I can explain to you someway,that i've been waiting for love,

waiting for love,and i told you that it would ve worth it waiting for love

i'm gonna make it slow and yes i need and yes you go but i dont wanna know

I'm gonna make it slow, you kissed me once for good luck and you told me it's true

I've gotta tell you its luck,but i've never been down and i'm never gonna waste my time

my time,as i saw you talk,you asked me for a talk and i was never there

but i could never see if you would only plead anyway

I told you how to work it,waiting for love,waiting for love,I'm waiting for love,

I told you it would be worth it, waiting for love,waiting for love,I'm waiting for love

you said that i am perfect,waiting for love